lunes, 31 de mayo de 2021

3rd term Project



We are going to make an end-of-year revision. In couples, draw your goose game and follow the instructions

The board game will have 22 cases + these extra cases with the indications. 

You will have to include the following:

  •  Complete with the correct tense (use all the tenses you know )(6 cases)
    • Exemple: My brother____________ (study) English right now
  • Make questions for these answers (include questions with all the tenses you know) (6 cases)
    • Exemple: __________________  I ate in that restaurant yesterday
  • Correct the mistakes (4 cases)
  • Complete the sentence with an appropiate:
    • Modal verb (2 cases)
    • Conditional sentence (2 cases)
    • Passive voice sentence  (2 cases)