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You are going to talk about the topic that it appears in your card. Take a look to the rubric file to see what you need to obtain as many points as possible. 

You have to create a power point to present your topic. Follow the instructions

  • You have to speak for about 2-3 minutes
  • The power point must have photos and some key words
  • YOU CAN´T READ the power point. This is just a help. You have to speak with your own words. Look at this example 

Note the main ideas from your partner because at the end of this term we will play a kahoot with all your topics. The winner will obtain some points and you can add to any of your exams

1st : 0.4 points        2nd: 0.3points     3rd: 0.2 points       

England vs United Kingdom vs Great Britain


England vs United Kingdom vs Great Britain

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Cromavid : es una pantalla que te pone el decorado de óscar y ellos dicen una palabra oscar accepting speech. Tienes que bajarte la app en el móvil y los grabas.

Chatterpix: avatares hablando. 

Vocaroo: (or talk&comments) easy voice notes 

Flipgrid: create a forum, a discussion topic. You send the link to the students and they answer you with a video. 

English central. You see videos with tutorials. 

Deep nostalgia. You upload an old photo and this app recreate an animation for the faces. For instance Jane Austen, Luther king. They record with vocaroo and put in this image.

An elevator pitch: you have to persuade the jury to get money ( es como dragon´s den) 

Tube dubber: you put your own voice in a famous extract from a film. 
Ex: Dubbing Jack and Rose in Titanic. 
Promises in the frozen sea (actividad cuando veamos el futuro)
Tienen que hacer un video y luego lo enlazan con el primero... ellos tienen que subir su video a youtube. 

Creating short videos: adobe videos, imovie

Video poems: ellos eligen la letra del poema, y las imágenes como en photopeach y luego le suben el audio.  

Create audio guides:  como idea les puedo dar un país o lugar de la commonwealth (ver primero qué es la commonwealth con el velo de novia de Megan Markle) 

Oral projects ideas
The airport project : 
Stop plastic pollution

blogs  (este es para los profesores, con tutoriales, webinars...)

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William Shakespeare and the great Romeo & Juliet

Watch the video and answer to the questions

Quiz and video number 2 with exercises about Romeo and Juliet

Read the extract from your Student´s Book page 108

Look at the video and answer to the questions


You are going to divide into groups. Each group will look for information about one of his plays 

  1.  A Midsummer Night's Dream
  2. The Merchant of Venice
  3. Hamlet
  4. Macbeth
  5. King Lear
  6. The Two Gentlemen of Verona
You have to create a power point presentation with the following information
  • When did Shakespeare write it?
  • Who are the main characters?
  • Where and when is the story based?
  • What is it about? (plot)
  • Find a video of a performance of the play
  • Make a quiz with at least 6 questions

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